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The Institute of Engineering and Technology - ADAMS Project

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (The IET) is a UK charitable organisation, responsible for sharing and advancing knowledge throughout the global science, engineering and technology community to enhance people’s lives around the world.

They have offices situated in London and Stevenage in the UK and work with engineering professionals, science professionals, students and businesses to promote engineering and science in the UK.

Accreditation of Engineering and Science Programmes throughout the world

The IET currently accredits engineering and science programmes throughout the world at various Universites, Colleges and HEI's. For these establishments to gain accreditation for their programmes, they must undergo rigorous examination of their teaching, coursework, content and overall programme performance. In order for the IET to assess the programme, various visits are required to the site along with various paper submissions from the establishment. This process alone can take months if not years. It's a very manual process and involves many third parties, volunteers, academics and establishment staff, who dedicate their time and money to gaining accreditation.

The ADAMS System

To make this process simpler, quicker, easier and more accessible, The IET decided to develop the ADAMS system (The Academic Accreditation and Management System). This system was to be an online web based application, that could convert the very manual process into an online system, accessible by the various parties involved in different stages of academic accreditation.

The system was to be developed using Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, jQuery and jQuery UI. A team of 4 developers (including myself) had the task of guiding The IET through the full SDLC. From initial business analysis, wireframing, prototyping, development and delivery. The product would have to interface to the existing security and login systems within The IET, as well as interfacing to the CRM.

The completed system, designed, developed and implemented

The system took over 6 months to develop and has been delivered and released online. The ADAMS system is now live and operating. For more information about ADAMS, accreditation and The IET, please visit