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ColdFusion Web Development and Web Application Solutions

ColdFusion is an application server offered by Adobe to process CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language or CFML for short). This application server can be utitlised as a middle tier for any business web or software application. It can be used for ColdFusion Web Development, Coldfusion Application Development and for ColdFusion programming.

The brief history of Adobe ColdFusion

I have been working with ColdFusion since version 4 when the core foundation of the ColdFusion Server was written in C++. The product was owned by Allaire. Macromedia obviously saw great potential in the relatively easy to use server side, tag based programming language, so aquired Allaire Inc. back in 2001 in a deal of $360 million (USD).

Macromedia Inc. transformed the product with the release of ColdFusion MX 6 and ColdFusion MX 6.1, by running the software on top of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) enabling ColdFusion to utilise underlying Java classes with ease.

This spurred ColdFusion developers to build websites and web applications in a completely new manner adopting object orientated design techniques and turning ColdFusion in to a serious contender to run business systems.

In April 2005 Macromedia Inc. were acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. for a whopping $3.4 billion (USD). This has given ColdFusion a solid future and has given the product a serious boost in the popularity ranks throughout the development world globally.

Where can I use ColdFusion in my business?

I have utilised ColdFusion to provide CFML solutions to businesses and individuals. These solutions include ..

  • Web Site Design
  • eCommerce Web Sites - Shopping Carts, Checkout, Payment and Delivery Solutions
  • Online Web Applications - Online Business Systems
  • Intranet Web Applications - Internal Web based business systems
  • Business Web Services - Allowing businesses to share and manipulate data

CFML Engines

The most popular CFML engine by far is Adobe ColdFusion. However there are now open source and FREE alternatives if you would like to develop CFML based applications. The options available are:

The other alternative is to buy ColdFusion 9 from Adobe Systems Inc.. Pricing is available from their website.

CFML and ColdFusion Hosting in the UK

With access to a redundant and resilient UK datacentre, I can provide dedicated web hosting, virtual server hosting and shared web hosting for businesses and individuals. With access to Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, we can provide ColdFusion, Railo and BlueDragon hosting solutions from £19.99 per month. Take a look at our web hosting solutions.

ColdFusion consulting and Development

I have access to a highly skilled team of ColdFusion developers throughout the UK, USA and Europe. If you have a ColdFusion requirement or project, please contact me.