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A summer's day at Coltsfoot Country Retreat A summer's day at Coltsfoot Country Retreat

Coltsfoot Country Retreat - an online solution for a luxury hotel

Coltsfoot Country Retreat is a small luxury hotel with 15 individual suites, situated in Hertfordshire. Having worked closely with Coltsfoot for some time, I was comissioned to produce a brand new website, new content, new custom CMS, new hotel photography and a new site structure for improved natural search engine rankings and natural SEO progression.

I have worked with Coltsfoot Country Retreat, since it first opened in 2000, with the implementation of their hotel hardware, networking and overall IT infrastructure. With continued growth year on year, Coltsfoot decided it was time to redevelop and redesign their website, so that information and the ambience for the hotel could be presented in a clear, easy to read, accessible manner. Key to the new site would be new and fresh hotel photography and a well designed site.

Post website design and launch

Following on from a successful site build, the key to the new site was going to be well written targetted content, to improve the natural search rankings of Coltsfoot Country Retreat, within the major search engines. This combined with the use of RSS and Social Media for important news and special offers, would increase the exposure and reach of Coltsfoot's new site and their brand.

A new hotel booking engine was also developed for the site, that required an interface to be developed to hook all live reservations and availability directly into their hotel property management system (PMS). The new quick reservation and availability checker would also be positioned prominently, to encourage and increase the amount of online bookings and reservations.

Technologies Utilised

Coltsfoot's new site codebase was built using mainly Adobe ColdFusion and JQuery.

More information on Coltsfoot Country Retreat

For further information about Coltsfoot Country Retreat, please visit their website at

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