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AIR - The cross platform runtime from Adobe AIR - The cross platform runtime from Adobe

Adobe AIR - Cross Platform Runtime

Adobe AIR (formerly known as Apollo) is a cross platform runtime, that allows web and application developers produce rich interactive applications and solutions, that perform and run outside of the browser, across multiple operating systems and platforms.

What is so exciting about Adobe AIR?

With the introduction of Adobe AIR, developers can now build traditional web applications and Adobe Flex applications, that run on the desktop, have access to the local machine and it's files, but also connect out to the web for 3rd party services, databases, web services and more.

Run AJAX, Flex and Flash applications on Adobe AIR

With the use of AJAX, Flex and Flash ever increasing, it is important that a company can choose their own technology route. Using Adobe AIR, it doesn't matter which technology you have invested in, you can run the same application and codebase, but on the desktop using Adobe AIR.

Who has Adobe AIR installed?

Because Adobe AIR is a cross platform runtime, it is available for Linux, Mac and PC users. As of the 1st June 2009, Adobe AIR had been downloaded and installed over 200 million times in just 16 months!

Download Adobe AIR

If you would like to download and install Adobe AIR for your machine, please visit

Learn more about Adobe AIR

Wikipedia has some great information all about Adobe AIR. For offical information and example Adobe AIR applications, please visit Adobe AIR's official website.