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Online marketing and SEO solutions Online marketing and SEO solutions

SEO and Online Marketing for your Website

I can help your online website or web based business with online marketing and online exposure. I offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to businesses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. So what exactly is online marketing and online exposure?

Why is online marketing and online exposure important to me?

Without online marketing, the chances of anybody finding your website is like finding a needle in haystack. I can help your business get found in that haystack with a team of professionals dedicated to gaining your business maximum exposure.

How do you get me noticed?

After carrying out a full assessment of your site, we will produce a document of recommendations and a strategy to improve your site ranking within the 3 key areas of online marketing. These 3 areas are:

In order to be successful in the online arena, you must participate in at least 2 out of 3 of these online marketing activities. We also point out that marketing of an online business, is not just about PPC and short quick bursts of money. In order to gain a real perspective and a true ROI, the online marketing for your site must be continual.

With access to my extensive list of marketing partners and networks, I can obtain the best deals for your online spend and above all improve your ROI whilst driving key traffic to your site.

I thought META tags will make me top of Google?

Gone are the days of just enhancing your META tags and keywords within the site header. SEO is now a specialist field and should not be taken lightly. You can be sure that your site is in the best hands for search engine ranking and optimisation.

I haven't got time to market my site

This is where I come in. With commitment from you, I can provide a dedicated online marketing specialist for your web based business, that will be with you every step of the way and do the marketing for you. This specialist will deal with advertising agencies, networks, search engines and more, to push your site and brand to the extreme. This then allows you the time to concentrate on your business and above all increase sales!

PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way of getting users to visit your website, by clicking a link, either from sponsored links on search engines or directories, or though adverts on other individual sites that are part of a pay per click scheme. Pay per click is an ideal online marketing strategy for short, sharp bursts of traffic, new product releases, online promotions etc.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of optimising your website pages, specifically for the major search engines. It is a well known fact that over 80% of internet users, use the a major search engine to find exactly what they are looking for. If your web pages are not optimised for these search engines, then your website will not be found. SEO is not a simple, straight forward technique, but a series of techniques and changes that can drastically improve your chances of being found and listed for your targetted keywords and phrases.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a useful way of marketing and promoting your online products and services, but only paying for business that you actual receive or complete. This model is commonly know as CPA (cost per action) within the online marketing industry. CPA allows you to agree a set commission percentage with your affiliates, in return for sales. Essentially a great way of marketing online, in that you only pay for receiving genuine and qualified completed sales.