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Product and Software Release Management - Microsoft SQL and ColdFusion - Your Thoughts?

With any product or software development there has to be a strategy in place for release management and for maintenance. How do you handle your release management?

Microsoft SQL and ColdFusion Release Management

There are many opinions and methodologies to control software and product releases in the marketplace. Some are automated and others quite manual, but I would be keen to know your thoughts and ideas on how product release and maintenance should be done for a Microsoft SQL Server and ColdFusion (CFML) environment?

I have worked with many tools for versioning CFML code, but how would you manage SQL database changes that are also dependent on CFML changes in the service layer? How do you promote this package of work to your live environment? What if the environment is a clustered or load balanced environment, do you remove nodes from the cluster to release the updates?

Having worked in many different corporate and development team environments in varying industry sectors, I cannot categorically say I've ever been entirely happy with the release strategy that is in place. What is the best way to handle this so that DBA's can work with developers and vice versa?