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Building iPhone Applications

I have been looking into developing some sample applications for Apple’s iPhone. I discovered a very nice example application that was written by a colleague of mine from TAG Worldwide. Malcolm Barclay has written a London underground Tube Status application for the iPhone.

The concept and software is very simple yet effective and provides exatly the information you require, within 2 touches. As of 9th August 2008, this application ranked number 3 in the Apple iPhone applications store and had received a massive 25,600 downloads.

As you can see, just from Malcolm’s application, there is a plenty of scope for new, simple and effective iPhone applications, in what is a very fast growing market.

So where to start? Well exactly the question I'm asking, so I have downloaded the Apple iPhone SDK and have began to look into the contents of this. I have also downloaded a very neat framework available for iPhone applications development called iUl by Joe Hewitt. This is very handy for creating iPhone interfaces based on simple HTML and Javascript.

Well let's see what I can knock up in the next few days and I'll keep you posted.