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Flex Builder 2 with Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3)

I have a new machine at home running Windows Vista and have been racking my brains trying to get my files transferred and my desktop set with all my DEV and research work. I have installed Eclipse Europa (3.3) and was ready to install Flex Builder 2 as a plugin.

With Europa successfully installed, I fired up the Flex Builder 2 plugin installer and was presented with the following ...

Please choose an existing Eclipse folder (3.1 or greater) to be updated. This folder must contain eclipse.exe and the standard folder named “configuration”

I clearly met these requirements, but still it would not pass this point of the installer. So I decided to Google this issue and Voila!

Eclipse Europa (3.3) will not work with Flex Builder 2!

Instead you must download Flex Builder 3 BETA version or install Eclipse 3.1 or Eclipse 3.2 with Flex Builder 2.

Hope this saves somebody else from the same fate!